Prices for shooting in BARCELONA

How does it work: In order to start planning our shooting you need to secure the date by transferring a booking fee*. After that I'm happy to discuss all the details and assist you with everything that is needed such as choosing the best suitable place or route (pre checking location or booking studio if needed) and time, collecting references, advising professionals (makeup, hair, stylist) and even helping with "holidays in Barcelona"-related questions ;) All above is included in my services along with all edited pictures received in private online gallery.

(The amount of edited pictures depends on the chosen option, retouching is usually finished in about 7-10 days after shooting or after you finish choosing preferred pictures)

Couple / Family / Individual photoshoots

(1-2 people/adults or a family with kids)

  • 210€ - 1 hour, "light option', 30-35 pictures
  • 260€​** - 90 mins, "medium option", 45-50 pictures and possibility to change location.
  • 320€ - 2 hour, "optimal option", 65-70 pictures, possibility to change multiple locations including more distant one, + 2-3 little video pieces for IG (3-5 sec each) on request
  • 390€ - 2,5 hours, "relaxed option", 80-100 pictures, no rush while changing locations, + a few little video pieces for IG (3-5 sec each) on request
  • 450€ - 3 hours, "premium option", 120-140 pictures, individual route, + several little video pieces for IG (3-5 sec each) on request


extra hour - 140€

extra edited picture of your choice - 5€

one more participating adult besides the first 2 - 40€

Wedding / proposal photography


  • Wedding - 160€ per hour (minimum 3 hrs) wedding photoshoot, you receive averagely at least 50 pics per each hour of shooting.
  • Surprise Proposal - 250€ including shooting proposal itself + 35 mins mini photoshoot (20 pictures) right after, full assistance in planning the proposal (consulting, pre-checking location, arranging extras (flowers,  champagne, etc - paid separately), videographer recommendation if needed, pictures ready in 3-5 days.

Content, partnership & miscellaneous


I am open to discuss individual conditions of partnership (monthly basis or single shooting) with independent professionals or businesses (restaurants and cafes, hotels, clinics, agencies, brands, shops, designers, etc).

*Booking fee is 50€ for regular photoshoots; ~30% of the entire amount for weddings; individually set amount for photoshoots out of Barcelona. This is not an extra fee, but is deducted from the full price of a chosen option. The rest of the amount is to be paid right after the photoshoot. Booking fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation by the client less than 30 days before the shooting.

**Minimum option for shootings outside of Barcelona, 1-1.5hrs

  • For individual shootings outside of Barcelona starting option is Medium (90 mins).
  • Additional expenses during photoshoot (e.g. transportation) as long as all expenses for shooting outside of Barcelona are covered by the client.
  • All pictures you receive are edited.  
  • All pictures will be ready in about 10 days (for photoshoots, after the client choose pictures for retouching), wedding photoshoots over 3 hours will be ready within a timeframe from 3 to 10 weeks depending on the length and intensity of shooting.
  • All prices are for cash payment, without VAT.
  • All pictures will be sent in high resolution collected in personal gallery. The gallery will expire in 2 months. 

#all prices listed are without IVA